John McLeod is a Northern Canadian Metis Indian from the Ojibwa tribe born in The Pas, Manitoba. Although McLeod has been doing music for over thirty years his journey to release his first popular album Moving On was not a straightforward one.

He was a driller, oilman, bush pilot, and businessman. His work experience brought him to all corners of the globe, and he made sure to absorb all the local cultures where he could. He especially appreciated the different styles of music that would inevitably surround him in the different parts of the world. He was lucky enough to play with some of the greatest musicians from Lenny Breau to Andy Cree. He even had an opportunity to record with EPIC records but raising a family made his music career take a detour. Over the years he continued to write songs and play, and he never lost his dream to have his music heard around the world.

In 2006, at the age of 49, McLeod had a triple bypass. Most people would be happy to be alive and tread carefully for the rest of their years. Not McLeod. Two days after the operation he was back at work and a month later he picked up his guitar again. Only this time he had more to sing about.

He came to California to thaw, and pursue his music. He found the warmth of the sun and the desert mountains a perfect mix for his heritage and spirituality. He dedicated himself to writing, and singing, and thus Moving On was born. He feels this is his second chance at life, and intends to enjoy it while telling his story through song and music. He hopes that others see that you are never too old to pursue your dreams and he truly appreciates the respect his music is getting.

This CD is John’s vision, but he used some of the best musicians. He recorded his album in Hollywood California with Grammy award nominated producer George Landress (Gwen Stefani, No Doubt) his drummer is Fritz Lewak (Jackson Browne, Sugarland and Melissa Ethridge) his pianist is Mark Stephens (Josh Groban) his bassist Tim Emmons (Philharmonic) his fiddle player is Candy Girard.

John McLeod is a singer/songwriter who blends traditional country and adds a twist which makes his sound unique and distinctive. For the last thirty years John has been writing and performing his unique style of country blues music. John is a world traveler and his original songs reflect his experiences with different cultures and ethnicity's. John is also a bush pilot who now happily makes his home in the wilds of Palm Springs, California.